Open House 2011

Will this $20 burn?
Will this $20 burn?

Here is a list of each student and his/her contribution to this year's successful Open House:

Stephen recited "Six Men of Indostan."

Nikki told the Biblical story of Queen Esther using felts.

Andriana attempted to burn a $20 bill.

Andrew introduced us to the fascinating world of polymers.

Davey used a jar and several household products to demonstrate the layers of the atmosphere.

Maya did a fingerplay of the Biblical story of Jonah.

Megan dressed up as Sacajawea and told Sacajawea's interesting life story.

Ally, too, dressed up.  She then shared the story of Remember Allerton--a pilgrim child.

Mikey finished off the program by crushing cans to demonstrate atmospheric pressure.

You can read about all of this in detail in the next issue of the Small Cloud Chronicles--Spring 2011.

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